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How to Kick Start Your ITIL Change Management Process: Five key strategies for enabling formal IT Change Management Process adoption within your organisation


Why is it that some organisations invest significant amounts of money and time and still struggle to get their teams to adopt and use a formal way of operating and managing Change across their IT?  It’s often once the implementation team is done and the drive is over that the momentum can start to wane. How can you maintain the ongoing momentum, keep your people accountable and drive the benefits of formal Change Management within your organisation?    


1. Go Beyond Toolset Training

Try to go beyond providing just ‘toolset based’ end user training especially if Change Management is being introduced for the first time.  Try to combine both formal and informal small group sessions where you are able to introduce and reiterate the fundamental reasons why the organisation has invested in building a Change Management Process, the more people understand the reasons why – the more they will adopt and be open to introduce it into their normal work life.


2. Mandate Formal Change Management to all Mission Critical IT Services  

I am constantly surprised to find organisations who are still undertaking ‘Changes’ to mission Critical IT Services on an adhoc and informal basis.  ‘Mandating’ (via your Change Management Policy) any Change that underpins a component of a mission critical IT Service is a way to uplift a level of control is applied to the vital functions of your organisation.


3. Review Incidents to Changes Variance

Review and correlate the number of incidents (over a period) to the amount of Request for Change’s (RFC’s) raised, undertake a review of how each of the incidents were resolved, for each resolution that required a change to be performed – how many RFC’s were raised? This exercise is one indicator into how much the formal Change Management is being used and applied. 


4. Target your Executive for Sponsorship

Create and present material that is specifically targeted to gain the buy in and ongoing endorsement of your executive management.  Ensure the content is targeted for your audience and includes a summary of the Change Management benefits, an understanding of the current state maturity of your Change Management Process and most importantly ‘WHY’ and ‘WHERE’ you need their support to endorse and support the Change Management Process (and the efforts being undertaken to uplift the use of the Change Management Process).  Make this presentation short, specific and reflective of the intricacies of your organisation. 


5. Ask for Support to Enforce - Non Compliance

Reach out, Ask and work with your management to position an approach to support the enforcement of non-compliance to the Change Management Process. Building a series of consequences to support any non-compliance to the Change Management process focuses on the very heart of culture change within an organisation and therefore needs to be considered carefully (with the appropriate resources and support).  Sending a clear and appropriate message that non-compliance will not be accepted is one further way of ensuring efforts and investment into the Change Management Process enablement and adoption remains successful.  


So there you have it, 5 simple insights to kick starting your Change Management process, I hope this has been helpful …please let me know how it goes.


If you have strategies on kick starting your ITIL Change Management Process or you want to let me know what strategy from this article resonated with you the most, I’d love to hear it, tell me about it in the comments below.


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