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7 Strategies for Improving Your IT Change Management Process while Balancing your Operational Commitments

Here is a question from the ITSM Uplift community…. '


'Our current ITSM project team is made up of various members from all different units across IT, they find it hard to juggle day-to-day operational priorities as well as contributing IT Change Management Process Improvements…..’


This is a surprisingly common thread – as often ITSM based improvements are undertaken with little or no additional budget allocation, however if you have the grit and determination to improve here are 7 tips to help you to get the balance across managing your operational commitments and improving your IT Change Management Process..

Working ‘In and ‘On’ the operations is never easy, just as you start to plan your day – an Incident goes off and your required to respond immediately. Juggling and prioritizing time can become a balancing act – however you can do it successfully – it just requires organisation. Try these 7 tips:

  • Plan for Peak Times – I refer to this as your ‘operational zone’. Plan accordingly for typical high peak operational periods, eg: Monday mornings can be notorious for IT Support – so make sure your available to respond to operational enquiries during these times and don’t try to kick off improvements until these busy operational waves are over.

  • Plan your ‘Improvement zones’ In contrast to ‘Operational zones’ work out, understand and block out low operational periods, I refer to these as ‘improvement zones’ these are your short sharp ‘focus periods’ where you can focus on improvements and undertake specific improvement activities.

  • Break your ‘improvement zones’ into short sharp time blocks.  Even if you break them into 4 X 1 hour blocks over 4 days – You will find this easier rather than attempting to block out a half day and find yourself being continuously interrupted.   

  • What if you don’t have any down time? – What if your organisation is constantly in the ‘operational zone’?  from my experience this is more common than you think - however if this is the case you will need to be able to communicate your intent clearly to your leadership team and get them to help by prioritizing what is important and what is not.  When you’re in this situation - I know, it can feel sometimes that everything is important – however seeking endorsement and support from your leadership means your ‘ask’ needs to be clear and compelling and this often requires careful consideration and coordination.

  • Capture Great Improvement Ideas - As you start to focus your attention on improvements, you’ll find that great ideas will come to you throughout the day even when you’re in your ‘operational zone’.  With your revised focus - you’ll find new ways of doing thing faster or more logically - so you need to be ready for when these ideas hit.  Set up an improvement file/ or repository and capture these ideas as you work through your day, don’t try to solve or act on each idea as it surface’s - just take note and revisit it next time you’re in improvement zone.

  • Communicate - Make sure you tell your team and colleagues of your improvement focus and make it clear about your priorities.  You’ll find that others may want to contribute – so encourage them to do so.  Capture ideas in your improvement file and get them involved. 


  • Commit to learning more – make use of down and travel time to upskill and learn from others IT Change Management Process successes and experience.  Fortunately for us, our generation has more information available to us than ever before – seek out quality IT Change Management information on the internet  


If you have other strategies that have helped you to overcome the operations vs improvement balancing act with your IT Change Management Process or you would like to any share techniques that have resonated with you the most, I’d love to hear from you, visit  www.itsmuplift.com - and leave a comment.

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7 Strategies for Improving Your IT Change Management Process while Balancing your Operational Commitments

September 27, 2017

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