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5 Key Questions to Invoke Successful IT Change Management Process Implementation Planning


Successful planning for your IT Change Management Process Implementation provides a sense of confidence, allows for decisions to be made faster and ensures that effort is aligned with anticipated organisational goals and outcomes.   Planning for IT Change Management Process implementation or improvement can be difficult and even overwhelming – where do you start? What do you focus on first? Who needs to be involved?


Getting your IT Change Process implementation off on the right foot can take time and requires some careful thought to develop a consolidated implementation plan – it’s often impossible to anticipate everything – however when you do plan, you will anticipate more than if you didn’t plan.  From my experience, I have found that it easier to design than to verify, it takes less time and is often a lot more cost effective and when you plan with a sense of curiosity, you start to uncover the crumbs and when you follow the crumbs you establish a path and soon start to gather momentum.


Here are five key questions (or 17 in total) you can use to get your IT Change Management Process Implementation or improvement planning underway… take your time to answer each question – you will find that each question will help to distil clarity.


  1. What are the underlying drivers here? – Why are we doing this?

  2. What are your expectations in reality…? – What is the organisation expecting? What is your sponsor or Management expecting?  What is realistic in terms of delivering to the expectations? Are expectations viable? or do you need to recalibrate expectations to ensure your efforts are successful? 

  3. What are the biggest Rocks you will need to overturn? What are big ones that you’re going to need the most support to overcome? Who will support you? Are your supporters aware?

  4. How will you go about creating momentum? What are the logical steps that need to be in place to get your stakeholders seeing value and wanting more?

  5. How will you make decisions when they arise?  How will you seek endorsement for fundamental decisions that need to be made?  Are these decision makers aware of their role and what you need from them?


Use these questions to really tease out your thinking, if you have gaps, work hard to close them out.  If you can answer all of these questions with a level of confidence you are on your way to setting your foundations to a successful IT Change Management Process implementation.

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