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4 Techniques for Overcoming Resistance to using the IT Change Management Process


At a fundamental level the IT Change Management Process provides a formal way to consider upstream and downstream interdependencies (across the organisation) while ensuring a level of consistency when implementing change and reducing impacts to business operations. 


When I come across high levels of resistance to the IT Change Management Process it’s often a reflective that aspects from the original implementation simply weren’t completed.  Overcoming resistance targets the very culture of an organisation and can take time.  There is no ‘Silver Bullet’ approach, it’s always a balancing act between getting people to understand the value of the IT Change Management Process and applying the appropriate levels of governance. If this is resonating with your organisation try the following 4 techniques….


  1. Establish a process that is specific and workable (and unique) to your organisation. Ensuring your IT Change Management process is ‘fit for purpose’ is critical.  Make your process easily available and accessible.  If you don’t actually have a process, formally document one immediately with no process in place you have no baseline to have discussions with your IT Change Management community.


  1. Combine IT Change Management Process and Toolset training into a single training session, this reinforces alignment between IT Change Management workflows and helps to tell a synchronised story.  It also reduces the amount of training time required.  If you haven’t run training sessions for a while, take the opportunity to revamp your training content.


  1. Analyse existing incident data to understand the connection between Incidents and formal Changes. Analysing incident data can give you an understanding of the nature of incidents that being raised and how service is being restored.  Eg: how often is rebooting a server or restarting a PC happening? Even the low-level activities should be Standard changes and can provide valuable insight into how many changes are being applied to a configuration item.


  1. 4. Still struggling to get teams to use the IT Change Management Process?  The next step is to start to apply a level of escalation and governance.  Work with your management teams to endorse and raise the profile of the IT Change Management Process and Policy. Introduce ‘implications’ that are relevant to your organisation.  It's important that you are able to demonstrate the benefits of change management with your Management team.  Share your knowledge and perspective on the way change management is being performed and openly discuss the outcomes you're trying to achieve and tie these back to the fundamental benefits associated with the IT Change Management Process.


If you have other strategies that have helped you to overcome resistance to using IT Change Management Process within your organisation or you want to share techniques that have resonated with you the most, I’d love to hear from you , visit  www.itsmuplift.com - and leave a comment.


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