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Do you understand IT Change Management Process concepts?


Do you want to take your knowledge to a new level? ….and significantly improve your IT Change Management Process?

If so, you have come to the right place.

I’m Kirk Penn, I am an ITSM Consultant and I help organisations to make IT Change Management real (through 10 years of hands on experience and working with more that 20 enterprise organisations).


But before we get to me, let’s talk about you,

How I Will Help You Succeed

How I Will Help You Succeed

John Wooden once wrote:


‘It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts’ 

While there is no shortage of academic and conceptual perspectives available on IT Change Management across the internet that references ‘What the perfect IT Change Management Process should look like’ …… there is not so much practical ‘how to’ guidance that is focused on helping you to understand….where to focus efforts….and how to build the required core skills to significantly improve the IT Change Management Process in the real world.


That’s why I write this blog,

So whether your:

  • company has current operational gaps that require immediate attention through formal IT Change Management and control…..

  • an experienced IT Change Management Process Implementer looking to extend or refine your efforts to become more effective….

  • a recent ITIL® trainee (or perhaps a few years ago) wanting to make IT Change Management Process  real…..


I can show you a ‘real’ and ‘practical’ way to build on what you already know and …..and get your efforts to count.


Still with me?



The fastest way to get where you want to go….

The fastest way to get where you want to go….

I’m not going to sugar coat it – many organisations have an IT Change Management Process capability in place, however if I was to ask …. how credible or valuable is the IT Change Management Process’? ……I would probably get a mixed response…..why? because often critical aspects simply weren’t done as part of the implementation.….and that’s exactly why you will be more successful where others will fail.  

Want Help?

Want Help?

There is no ‘silver bullet’ approach for implementing IT Change Management successfully.

You shouldn’t go it alone.


That’s why I started the ‘ITSM Uplifters’ – a growing army of genuine technology professionals who have a curiosity to learn how to significantly improve their IT Change Management Process through practical application.



As a bonus, when you join the ITSM Uplifters, I’ll send you a copy of my eBook ‘The 3 Huge Mistakes, That almost everyone makes, when they are trying to improve their IT Change Management Process’ and it  introduces:


  • the theory of the ‘1/4 quarter gap’ and shares insight into how technology professionals prefer to solve problems  

  • explores the key strategies of ‘deliberate consciousness’ and techniques to implement the IT Change Management Process more successfully

  • Provides a simple model to target key stakeholders and introduces an IT Change Management Process Implementation framework.

As a bonus and follow on when you join the ‘ITSM Uplifters’ you will also receive:


  • 5 Simple insights for bridging the ¼ gap

  • Simple and Effective Techniques for Process Design

  • 5 Principles for Building a deeper connection with your Sponsor

  • Why It Change Management is becoming less about boxes and wires

  • 5 Ways to unleash the Value of your Change Management Process to your Stakeholders

  • Insights into a typical IT Change Management implementation

  • Options for IT Change Management Scope

  • 5 Rules for Developing a ‘Quality’ sponsorship

What Impressive People Are Saying:

 “Kirk is an extremely capable consultant with deep expertise. He is a hard worker who provides advice with deep substance - based on significant ground work. He is capable of single handedly taking a client on the journey from problem definition to solution benefit realization...'"

Santonsh Kumar - Business Analyst & Project Coordinator at SAI Global

'Kirk leads and teaches very well, able to communicate ideas and concepts with all stakeholders; I personally learnt a lot from him"

Mark Higgins - Principal Business Analyst - Building & Engineering at Lendlease

“Kirk is a total professional with a great amount of ITIL knowledge and experience"

John Davies - CIO Cancer Council NSW

“I can't thank Kirk Penn enough for all the pertinent information and real-world experiences shared with me in field of IT Service Management & Organizational Change Management"

Process Owner - Functional Excellence at Shell Business Operations (IT)

About Kirk Penn....

Hi I’m Kirk Penn, I am a Sydney based ITSM Consultant and have been for over 10 years - I work mostly on large scale ITSM based transformations.  I provide mentoring and guidance to IT executives and generally help organisations to make ITSM real. Over the past 10 years I have worked on over 20 ITSM based implementations across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.  


I live wife my wife and 3 children in a quiet little beachside town approximately 1.5 hours north of Sydney.  When I am not consulting I am spending time with my family, coaching my son’s soccer team, getting outdoors as much as possible, playing music, running, biking and keeping active. 


Welcome to the ITSM Uplift blog - It’s here where I will share my thoughts, experience and insights with a focus on practical guidance to help you significantly improve your 'IT Change Management Process’

Please share your thoughts…….. your insights and experience can help other ITSM Uplifters to improve and uplift their IT Change Management Process, so please do leave a comment or reach out: 


I look forward to hearing from you,


Take care,




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