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How to Align Organisational Roles with IT Change Management Process Roles - 4 Key Considerations

February 8, 2018

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Kirk Penn

Are you embarking on an IT Change 

Mangement Process implementation or

improvement initiative? ..... this blog shares thoughts, insights and practical guidance on the on how to get the most from your IT Change Management Process Improvement efforts!  

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If your title is not ‘Change Manager’ it’s often not easy to understand how your organisational role (title) supports the IT Change Management Process.  The default position for most - is to simply represent our organisational role (and related hirachy) - and while a i...

Here is a question from the ITSM Uplift community…. '

'Our current ITSM project team is made up of various members from all different units across IT, they find it hard to juggle day-to-day operational priorities as well as contributing IT Change Management Process Impr...

Getting your vendors on-board with your IT Change Management Process is a significant step forward in terms maturing your overall IT Change Management Process, establishing an enhanced level of operational control across your IT landscape and driving consistency.

So why...

Developing a ‘kicker of an Intro’ that describes and shares your IT Change Management Process as a story is critical to getting people onboard with your initiative.

In this short blog video I’ll share with you 4 key considerations that I use to develop a kicker of an In...

One question that came in a few weeks ago from the ITSM Uplift community was - how do you overcome Unauthorised Changes? 

Gone are the days where each IT team is an Island, with their own sandpits, driving their own agendas and implementing things as and when they choos...

What are your options for Implementing or Improving your IT Change Management Process?

Download this free 1 Page Infographic to review 4 basic options for implementing IT Change Management Process and the ‘For’s’ & ‘Against’s’ for each option.

What options have worked be...

Successful planning for your IT Change Management Process Implementation provides a sense of confidence, allows for decisions to be made faster and ensures that effort is aligned with anticipated organisational goals and outcomes.   Planning for IT Change Management Pr...

So you have invested time and money developing your IT Change Management Process Documentation and while you are confident that your documentation is a valuable asset and reflects the way you operate – is it time more people knew about it across your broader IT Change...

What are those …..Warning signals or behaviours that are indicators that your IT Change Management is perhaps not working as well as it could be?  Watch this weeks short video blog to find out some of the common indicators and how to overcome each one….

At a fundamental level the IT Change Management Process provides a formal way to consider upstream and downstream interdependencies (across the organisation) while ensuring a level of consistency when implementing change and reducing impacts to business operations. 


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